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Pictured: Blast test of CAMEL (Concept for Advanced Military Explosion-mitigating Land-demonstrator)

Pratt & Miller applies their expertise in motorsports safety and defense blast analysis to provide a wide range of solutions for occupant protection and vehicle survivability. Combining a systems engineering approach with our advanced analysis capability, Pratt & Miller can compress the development timeline and optimize the performance of a survivability system.


  • System solutions for occupant protection
  • Underbelly blast
  • Vehicle crash
  • Roof crush analysis
  • Ballistics
  • Vehicle structure development
  • Add on protection kit development
  • Material characterization and evaluation
  • Manufacturing process evaluation
  • Energy absorbing device development
  • Floor development
  • Seat development
  • Restraint development
  • Injury prediction


Program Overview: CAMEL (Concept for Advanced Military Explosion-mitigating Land-demonstrator) is a next-generation concept design demonstrator that showcases technology for protection from underbelly blast and accommodation of soldiers and gear to improve vehicular survivability and force protection from blasts, crashes, and rollovers. CAMEL weighs approx. 60,000LBS.

Pratt & Miller's Role: Pratt & Miller's clean sheet methodology is an aggressive, unconventional approach to a complete system solution that allows the packaging to start with the soldier’s immediate needs and move outward. The team has successfully represented what can be done when an occupant centric design philosophy is applied from the beginning of the development.


Program Overview: HACRS (Hands-Free Automatic Coupling Restraint System) was specially designed, developed, built, and tested by Pratt & Miller under a SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program to address the limited use of seat belts in military ground vehicles by providing soldiers with an easy to use, comfortable, restraint system. HACRS is designed around the soldier providing fast error-proof protect during blast, rollover, or crash events.


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