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PM-Lap Time Simulation (LTS)

PM-LTS (Pratt Miller-Lap Time Simulation) software provides our clients with a dynamic 13 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) vehicle model that can be used to predict lap times.


  • Fully dynamic solver capturing true dynamics of sprung and unsprung masses 
  • Support for both open loop and closed loop events 
  • Support for Packeja tire models - 89, 94, 2002 
  • Asymmetric chassis, non-linear kinematics, compliance, non-linear springs dampers and bump rubbers 
  • Configurable driver model 
  • Smart shifting powertrain model 
  • 3D engine map - torque versus rpm and throttle position 
  • Automatic track creation from lateral acceleration and velocity, GPS, or Pi Survey
  • Detailed track specification including elevation, banking, friction, high-frequency corner specific road input, and atmospheric conditions
  • Multiple aerodynamics definition from simple coefficients to 3D map as function of bounce/pitch/roll/yaw
  • Support for DOE functionality
  • Support for post-processing and post-process interface to Pi Toolbox


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