It’s Official – Let ‘s Start to Build a Long Island Motorsports Museum

  • Jan 21, 2012
  • Pratt Miller

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Historic Organizations Join Forces

The Bridgehampton Racing Heritage Group (BRHG) is proud to announce their association with the

venerable Bridgehampton Historical Society. Together the two groups will share the vision of

preserving and protecting materials that commemorate nearly a century of automobile racing at

Bridgehampton NY.

Guy Frost, who founded BRHG when the hillside racing circuit was threatened by residential

development in 1981, explained the goals of this new alliance. “Working together with the Historical

Society’s Executive Director John Eilertsen, we intend to build a broad collection of memorabilia related

to the history of auto racing on Long Island. Inspired by the opening of the ‘Bridgehampton Race Course

for Sports Cars’ in 1957, we will be stepping up our efforts to archive and preserve racing artifacts, films

and artwork for the enjoyment of future generations. For over 50 years BRHG members have collected

memorabilia that illustrate the history of racing at Bridgehampton. By joining with the Historical Society,

the collection and preservation of these materials will continue with a renewed and defined purpose.”

This new alliance will better serve to illustrate a time when the best race teams from around the world

came to Eastern Long Island to compete on the 2.85 mile long hilltop circuit that became known simply

as “The Bridge”. From 1957 through its demise in 1998 (now The Bridge golf course) many hundreds of

professional and amateur racers attempted to tame the twisting ravines, and then put the “pedal to the

metal” for a long hilltop straightaway only to be confronted with a dramatic downhill curve that separated

the men from the boys – truly a spectator’s delight as well.

On the 55th anniversary of the opening of The Bridge, BRHG’s display will enhance the Historical

Society’s Annual Road Rally that celebrates an earlier era when racing took place on the hamlet’s local


Anyone in possession of Bridgehampton racing artifacts is invited to show or donate materials for

permanent archival preservation.

Admission is free and the events take place all day long at the Historical Society grounds on Montauk

Highway in Bridgehampton village on Saturday, October 6, 2012.


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