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Pratt Miller is transforming what’s possible in high performance vehicle engineering and product development with ingenious solutions to the world’s toughest challenges.

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Who We Serve

We don’t say “yes” to everyone. We’re laser-focused on our core competencies and the areas where we can apply our experience in vehicle engineering and product development to deliver nothing but excellence.


Our team combines technology, performance, style, and speed to keep drivers safe, fans cheering and the checkered flag waving.


Partnering with the Department of Defense and world’s top manufacturers, we deliver superior defense solutions that enable warfighters to transform how they train and execute their missions.

New Mobility

With our engineering expertise and forward-thinking approach, we help transform industries – from commercial trucking and agriculture to powersports and aerospace.

Embracing the Impossible

For over 30 years, Pratt Miller has built a legacy of excellence by transforming problems into solutions and ideas into reality. With deep roots in Research and Development and an eye toward the future, we continue to lead the industries we serve with superior solutions that transform what’s possible.

Product Spotlight

Trackless Moving Targets

Pratt Miller Defense is revolutionizing the way live-fire marksmanship training is conducted. TMT combines a highly mobile platform with GPS-based path following technology and a zone-based hit detection system for reactive behavior scenarios and hit scoring.

Product Spotlight

Flexible Robotic Platforms

Our Flexible Robotic Platform (FRP) offers a versatile, configurable robotic system with countless integration possibilities. The FRP has a wide range of capabilities, from transporting solar panels on construction sites to autonomously moving farming equipment. Available in both Light and Heavy versions, with 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive options and the ability to carry payloads up to 3500 lbs.

Product Spotlight


A computer-based simulation tool, PM-FlexTire enables engineers to study how vehicles will perform on different terrains – greatly increasing the scope of what can be achieved when developing soft-soil mobility virtually.

The Pratt Miller Difference


We hire the best in the world while leaning into the power of teamwork. We’re a daring group of forward-thinkers relentless in our pursuit of excellence.


Our proven processes, seamless cohesion, and championship legacy allow us to move at an unmatchable speed, precision, and quality.


From cutting-edge technology and custom-built software to best-in-class testing labs, our toolbox enables us to produce at an unrivaled level of quality and performance.

Become a Master of Change

We’re always looking for the game-changers – the innovative few who dare to try something different. With our winning history in motorsports, defense and new mobility, we’re a haven for engineers, makers, and technicians eager to solve big problems and transform industries.

Careers at Pratt Miller


Reach out to us to see how we can help solve your toughest design, engineering and production problems and bring your innovative vision to reality.