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We apply cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship when partnering with the world’s top manufacturers – reimagining defense applications, together.

Innovative Solutions That Drive the Military of the Future

Tackle the changing global defense environment quickly, safely, and efficiently. Drawing on our military vehicle engineering expertise, we relentlessly pursue and deliver breakthrough defense solutions that keep warfighters safe and civilians protected.

Our groundbreaking technologies and focused intelligence in Robotics, Platform Development, Advanced Concepts, and Technology Integration allow us to meet expedited timelines without sacrificing quality. We partner with the Department of Defense and leading manufacturers to embrace the impossible in a shared mission to keep soldiers, allies, and Country safe.

Advanced Concepts

  • Advanced Design & Manufacturing Concepts
  • System Performance Modeling & Simulation
  • Innovation of New and Novel Solutions
  • Incubation & Technology Maturation

Technology Integration

  • Weapon Systems
  • Air/Ground Defense Systems
  • Sensor and Optical Systems
  • Advanced Mobility Systems
  • Operator Control Systems
  • Safety and Survivability Systems

Platform Development

  • Warfighter-Centric & Transformational Solutions
  • Holistic Development Approach for System-of-Systems Trades
  • Ground Vehicle Integrators:
  • 2 tons to 80 tons
  • Tactical to Combat
  • Wheeled to Tracked
  • Manned to Unmanned
  • Internal Combustion to All-electric or Hybrid


  • Robotic Platform Design & Development
  • Optionally-Manned and Unmanned Platforms
  • Hybrid and Fully Electric Powertrains
  • By-Wire Systems Integration and Controls
  • Mobility and Behavior Controls Development
  • Autonomy Integration

Product Highlight


Our Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle (EMAV) is a high-mobility tracked unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that can operate autonomously, integrate with various systems, and carry heavy payloads while maintaining a low profile for Marine use. Compatible with multiple controllers, the EMAV’s dimensions enable transport by various aircrafts including MV22, CH53, CH-47 internal, and up to two can fit on a C-130.

Stryker MCWS: An Upgrade to the Stryker Double V-Hull A1 Infantry Carrier Vehicle

Oshkosh Defense teamed with Pratt Miller Defense and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to deliver an MCWS that provides increased lethality, accuracy, and range while maintaining the mobility and survivability of the Stryker ICVVA1. The Oshkosh team brought together best-in-class capabilities for weapon system design, manufacturing, and integration to provide a highly capable solution that meets the Stryker MCWS program requirements today and offers the flexibility to upgrade tomorrow.


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We hire the best in the world while leaning into the power of teamwork. We’re a daring group of forward-thinkers relentless in our pursuit of excellence.


Our proven processes, seamless cohesion, and championship legacy allow us to move at an unmatchable speed, precision, and quality.


From cutting-edge technology and custom-built software to best-in-class testing labs, our toolbox enables us to produce at an unrivaled level of quality and performance.

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We’re always looking for the game-changers – the innovative few who dare to try something different. With our winning history in motorsports, defense and new mobility, we’re a haven for engineers, makers, and technicians eager to solve big problems and transform industries.

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