Your Path To The Podium

From simulation, design, software development, laps in the Driver in the Loop (DiL) simulator to advanced propulsion adaptation and optimization and vehicle construction, Pratt Miller Motorsports engineering team members can construct a clear path to victory lane.


Factory Race Team Execution

Pratt Miller has long been known as one of the most feared teams on the grid, with the ability to win on the track week in and week out.  The winning comes from a team of dedicated and passionate culture along with deep capabilities that translate directly to on track results.

Pratt Miller can offer:

  • Full turnkey factory team & race operations execution
  • Leverages long history of Pratt Miller’s Motorsport heritage with leading engineering capabilities
  • Access to Pratt Miller’s tools, processes, and functional areas
  • Continuous vehicle development
  • Full race shop embedded with core engineering and manufacturing groups
  • Sanctioning body representation, BoP management
  • Driver selection & development

Customer Race Programs

The broad range of capabilities that Pratt Miller has, makes it ideal for supporting full customer race programs.  From vehicle concept, through design, manufacturing, and track support a broad array of capabilities can be leveraged to produced a winning result.

Pratt Miller can offer:

  • Execution of full support program
  • Car design, development, manufacturing
  • Homologation & BoP Representation
  • Sales, Marketing & Team support
  • Part Services and Repairs
  • Race Engineering support
  • At track support
  • Engineering tools & systems

OEM Engineering Support

Pratt Miller is positioned be the backbone of any large-scale OEM motorsports program. With a deep history in the top forms of professional motorsports including NASCAR, IndyCar, and Sportscar, a broad capability set, and a proven record of winning, we’ve got what is needed to get the job done.

Pratt Miller can offer:

  • Execution of support programs for top level racing (NASCAR, IndyCar, Sportscar)
  • Engage in all areas needed for a competitive program:
    • Aero development
    • Body Submission
    • Design and system optimization (inc. Engine)
    • Simulation / DiL
    • Tire testing / fitting / analysis
    • Race Engineering / Track Support / Race Reporting
    • Software tools / Development / Data analytics
    • Advanced projects

Software Products & Development

Racing is all about people, strategy, and the tools to finish first. Pratt Miller has developed over 20 motorsports-related software tools that have all proven to provide teams a clear advantage over the competition. Our tools range from complete race team data and configuration management systems (VES), through simulation tools (STS), and race management tools (Race Hub) along with everything else in-between. We also offer custom software development to suit the needs of any motorsport customer.

Pratt Miller can offer:

  • Vehicle Engineering System (VES)
  • Sim Tool Suite (STS)
  • Lap Time Sim (LTS)
  • Data Metric Tool (DMT)
  • Motorsports Data Engine (MSDE)
  • Timing, Scoring, Telemetrics
  • Advanced racing/competitor analytics
  • Aero Compare Tool (ACT)
  • Tire Analysis (TASO)

Complete Race Car Development

Pratt Miller offers the full spectrum of the capabilities needed for ground up race car development.  Starting with a comprehensive target setting and cascading process, then employing industry-leading modeling and simulation capabilities (sim, DiL, aero, design, systems and tire engineering), highly mature designs are achieved virtually, and in-house manufactured race cars deploy to the track with instant performance.

Pratt Miller can offer:

  • Full race car development:
  • Clean sheet designs along with vehicle evolutions
  • Single spec cars through to open regulation sets
  • GT, Prototype, IndyCar, & Stockcar
  • Full aero, simulation, DiL, & track test programs integrated into the development cycle
  • Co-development with systems/components (powertrain, tires, cooling, etc.)
  • Comprehensive safety process including crash simulations
  • Homologation, prototype builds, development testing
  • In-house manufacturing & vehicle builds
  • Full homologation & sanctioning body interaction for vehicle compliance

Motorsports Manufacturing

On the manufacturing side, Pratt Miller has large range of capabilities to support any motorsports need including complete product manufacturing & assembly capabilities, from component machining through low-rate production.

Pratt Miller Motorsports Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Complete chassis fabrication
  • Full vehicle prototype builds
  • Machining (CNC milling & turning), Waterjet
  • Welding, metal forming, fixturing
  • Composites
  • Electronics (PCB’s / ECU’s)
  • Wire harness build
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Vehicle builds and integration​
  • Quality & inspection


Aerodynamics is core to motorsports success and an area where Pratt Miller thrives.  With a long list of aero success including being a 2-time winner of the prestigious Louis Schwitzer award for innovation and engineering excellence, the team has proven itself as a leader in the industry.  Pratt and Miller relies on a comprehensive systems engineering approach w/ flow-field features development approach.  The team blends the appropriate tool-chain elements & workflow maximize the goals of any program.

Pratt Miller Aerodynamics capabilities include:

  • CFD (Corvid), Scale, & Full-scale testing
  • Test support with proprietary tools/methods
  • Advanced aero instrumentation & data analysis
  • Aero/Thermal development
  • Flow field surveys

Tire Engineering

Pratt Miller has long been involved in advanced tire technology and modeling and has successfully leveraged their mastery of this area across multiple programs to impact on track results. From force and moment testing, to advanced thermal tire modeling the Pratt Miller team has capabilities provide the depth and breadth required to make any motorsports program successful.

Pratt Miller Tire Engineering Capabilities:

  • Tire rig testing – belt, drum, cleat
  • On-road WFT Tire Testing
  • Fitting & scaling w/ PM-TASO tool chain
  • Thermal & pressure dependent modeling
  • Track temp and mu prediction
  • Tire library management
  • Advanced instrumentation development
  • Tire measurement & characterization
  • Transient & Rough-Road Dynamics Fidelity
  • Rigid Ring model
  • Physical modeling
  • FE Tire rev-engineering process & virtual test

Driver-in-the-Loop Simulator

Simulation has been the backbone of Pratt Miller motorsports engineering for decades, from our inhouse Lap time sim, through Adams and now Dymola, and our newly develop Sim Tool Suite, Pratt and Miller has always been on the forefront of the industry.

Pratt Miller has, and continues to invest heavily in this area, and now with the addition of an in-house DiL can provide any solution a motorsports program requires.

Simulation and DiL Capabilities:

  • Development, support & customization of products:
  • PME-STS (Sim Tool Suite)
  • PM-LTS (Lap Time Sim)
  • PM-Sim (predecessor to STS)
  • Core Sim Dymola libraries
  • Advanced sim related R&D
  • XEV propulsion integration
  • Team user support
  • Model correlation & fitting
  • WFT & track test support
  • Metric development & data analysis
  • Development & Support of DiL’s and sDil’s
  • Program specific cockpit design/support
  • DiL tools, monitoring & processing
  • Ongoing DiL development

Motorsports Engineering

Pratt Miller employes a large and experienced design staff with system simulation & analytic capabilities. This team had been responsible for a broad array of motorsports success and leveraged a broad range of technologies & tools to tackle the most challenging projects.

Pratt Miller Motorsports Design Capabilities:

  • Conceptual design
  • Parametric solid and surface modeling
  • Class A surfacing
  • Packaging/architecture design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Weight reduction

Design Technologies:

  • NX
  • SolidWorks

Analysis Capabilities:

  • Static linear & non-linear analysis
  • Kinematic and dynamic analysis
  • Composite structure analysis
  • Optimization
  • Impact and crash analysis
  • Durability/fatigue analysis

Analysis Technologies:

  • HyperWorks
  • Laminate tools
  • Optistruct
  • Genesis

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