Prepared for a More Autonomous Future

Our skilled automotive and robotics specialists understand the complexity and technical considerations required to dominate a more autonomous future.

Unmanned Platforms

We live in a world where dirty, dull, and dangerous tasks are becoming increasingly difficult to support. Unmanned autonomous and remote-controlled platforms can improve operational safety and efficiency. Pratt Miller, with their expert robotics capabilities and experience, can develop complete specialized platforms with the appropriate fully electric, hybridized or fuel cell range extension technology for your specific environment and duty cycle.

Mobility and Behavior Controls Development

Our mobility specialists are well-versed in platform behavior controls and development. Focused on tele-op and by-wire integration, Pratt Miller specializes in the mobility controller layer of the vehicle control stack. Our engineers are solution agnostic and utilize a holistic development approach, using a system of system trades to select the best solution for the platform and mission role.

Local Path Planning and Waypoint Following

Our team of specialists utilize growing capabilities in perception, SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), object detection/ object avoidance, local path planning systems, and waypoint following technologies to create an environment where robotic and autonomous systems thrive.



Markets We Serve

We don’t say “yes” to everyone. We’re laser-focused on our core competencies and the areas where we can apply our experience in vehicle engineering and product development to deliver nothing but excellence.

Trackless Moving Targets (TMT)

Pratt Miller Defense is revolutionizing the way live-fire marksmanship training is conducted. TMT combines a highly mobile platform with GPS-based path following technology and a zone-based hit detection system for reactive behavior scenarios and hit scoring.


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