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Pratt Miller Products

Pratt Miller products range from live fire target training platforms, with our family of Trackless Moving Targets, and SAFI, a COVID19-fighting disinfecting robot to custom software applications, with PM-VES and PM-LTS and our custom-built race-ready Camaro GT4.R's. Regardless of product or industry, you can be assured that when you see the Pratt & Miller name on a product, it has received our Team's stamp of quality, excellence, passion, and pride.

SAFI - Disinfecting Robot

  • Fully Electric (rechargeable), with 5-10 hours run time-dependent on load
  • Autonomous operation, after initial set up. 
  • Safe route/no bump operation 
  • Indoor version currently available
  • Electrostatic disinfectant dispersal system, 3-7 ES sprayers 
  • Confirmation of disinfectant coverage and critical system levels, with app-based dashboard  
  • Cost-effective for disinfecting and decontaminating large areas 
  • Utilizes FDA safe disinfecting materials. 
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Trackless Moving Targets

Pratt Miller Defense is revolutionizing the way live-fire marksmanship training is conducted. TMT combines a highly mobile platform with GPS-based path following technology and a zone-based hit detection system for reactive behavior scenarios and hit scoring.

Pratt Miller’s family of TMT platforms range in size from infantry to armored vehicle and can be deployed in groups or individually to maximize your training experience.

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Camaro GT4.R

A new era in Chevrolet Racing is upon us...Welcome the Camaro GT4.R, a proven race car that is ready and capable of winning races and championships right out of the box. 

Performance is the keystone of the Camaro GT4.R but priority has also been placed on ease of use and low operating costs.

The Camaro GT4.R is built to global SRO GT4 regulations and will be competing in GT4 series around the world.

Where it will race next is up to you…

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