Motorsports to Mission Critical

  • Jan 21, 2012
  • Pratt Miller

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How Simulation Propelled Pratt Miller into New Markets

Pratt Miller | Based on an interview with Jesper Slättengren

Pratt Miller learned how to develop vehicles under tight deadlines and get them right the first time as a highly successful designer and builder of race cars. In 2005, the company created an Engineering Services Division to bring the same skills to industrial customers. The company found a niche developing showcase vehicles, fully engineered working prototypes, for defense contractors, under deadlines as short as a few months. Vehicle dynamics simulation using MSC Software’s Adams software plays a key role by making it possible to evaluate and optimize the performance of critical vehicle subsystems long before prototypes and even detailed CAD models of the vehicle are available. Recently, the company created a prototype of a new wheeled military vehicle in only 12 weeks. The ability to develop showcase vehicles so quickly has helped the Engineering Services Division increase its revenues by a factor of 100 and its engineering staff by 122 people in just 7 years.

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