Pratt Miller Announces Acquisition of New Driver-in-the-Loop Simulator System

  • Aug 11, 2023
  • Pratt Miller

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Huntersville, NC – August 11, 2023 – Pratt Miller, a global leader in engineering innovation, is excited to announce its latest acquisition of an advanced Driver-in-the-Loop (DiL) simulator system. Scheduled for installation in the fall of 2023 and operational by January 2024, this state-of-the-art DiL system supplied by AB Dynamics will revolutionize vehicle simulation capabilities for both motorsports and non-motorsports customers.

With a rich tradition of excellence in motorsports, Pratt Miller’s DiL system, originally proven in Formula 1, stands as one of four of its kind in North America and eight in the world.

Drawing from a decade of experience, Pratt Miller boasts unparalleled expertise in DiL system operation and development. The company’s history in NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, and WEC demonstrates the company’s proven success in extracting maximum value from DiL technology, resulting in numerous race wins and championships.

While rooted in motorsports, the Pratt Miller DiL system extends its services to both motorsport and non-motorsport users. Customers have the flexibility to integrate their own vehicle models or collaborate with Pratt Miller’s team to develop bespoke vehicle models tailored to their unique requirements. Once requirements and environments are set, the Pratt Miller DiL system empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly on-site and remotely, offering a dynamic platform for innovation and advancement while also ensuring operational efficiency and delivering optimal returns on customers’ investments of time and resources.

“The acquisition of the DiL system aligns perfectly with Pratt Miller’s commitment to driving technological excellence across the markets we serve,” said Matt Carroll, Pratt Miller’s CEO. “The DiL is just one more advanced tool in our product development toolbox, enabling our team to do their jobs faster, better and more efficiently than the day before. And when our team is faster, better, and more efficient so are our customers. It’s quite literally a win, win.”

Jon Plyler, Pratt Miller’s DiL Operations Director, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Pratt Miller’s record of success, both on and off the track is something we take immense pride in. The DiL system ensures that we maintain a competitive advantage for years to come. Whether in the realm of motorsports or beyond, Pratt Miller remains the go-to solution for truly remarkable engineering.”

About Pratt Miller:
Founded in 1989, Pratt Miller is a groundbreaking engineering and product development company. Our winning roots in motorsports enable us to deliver ingenious solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems — and wildest ideas. That history enables our team of highly adaptive innovators to apply speed, agility, and engineering expertise to every project, swiftly transforming what’s possible in our clients’ industries — taking what they do to the next level and changing their world for the better.

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