Pratt Miller Defense provides robotic platform for Army evaluation

  • Apr 23, 2019
  • Pratt Miller

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Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle (EMAV) answers what’s possible in next generation warfare

Pratt Miller Defense (Pratt Miller) has been an active supplier and system integrator in the Defense industry since 2007, designing and building advanced military vehicles for the Department of Defense and many of the world’s largest defense prime contractors. The company is committed to helping bring our warfighters home safely by providing survivability systems that can withstand underbelly blast events and high mobility vehicles that are so off-road capable they can traverse in areas far from enemy sightlines.

In addition to Survivability and Mobility, Pratt Miller is also designing and building a variety of Robotic platforms that range in size and lethality. PME’s Director of Technology, Celyn Evans, has been integral in the company’s development of advanced capabilities for defense applications. “We have been developing the controls, hardware, hybridization and architectural designs for robotics for over a decade,” Evans said. “Combined with our ability to design, develop and build full vehicles, our Government partners are seeking companies like Pratt Miller to define what’s possible in robotics and develop specific vehicles focused on the next generation warfare.”

The newest and perhaps most mobile and lethal of the company’s robotic vehicles is known as the Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle (EMAV). EMAV was designed and built from the ground up by Pratt Miller, who worked closely with a partner for the autonomy layer and advanced navigation capabilities. Weighing in at 6,800 lbs, EMAV can carry an additional 7,200 lbs of payload while reaching speeds up to 45 MPH. The hybrid-electric powertain supports electric only silent watch and silent mobility. The continuous band track and low center of gravity helps the EMAV to climb a 60% grade, a 40% side slope and vertical steps up to 24 inches. EMAV was designed with a narrow hull to ensure it is transportable in the V-22 and CH-47.

Over the past 16 months, government customers have leveraged the EMAV platforms for experimentation in the area of combat support robotics and Manned Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T). The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive. The EMAV system represents a joint service capability and meets the operational needs of multiple services.

EMAV is being further assessed May 13-17 at the Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) Phase II Demonstration and Assessment Event. During the event the US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) will conduct field market research on the Technology Readiness Levels of various industry platforms in support of the NGCV program.

“The battlefield revolution is here. Technology has reached a point where we can push robotic capability into larger platforms, stretching the art of the possible. This allows our Government partners to experiment with the right balance of assets and payloads to enable the warfighter and create a force multiplying overmatch,” said Evans.

Pratt Miller is participating in the RCV event as 1 of only 6 chosen companies. Jim Fontaine, Product Director of Ground Robotics, said “Being part of an advanced technology assessment that will help to define robotic combat vehicle requirements to provide our US forces additional capabilities brings our team great pride.”


Pratt Miller is a product development company that, through technology and innovation, solves its customers most complex and technical challenges in the Motorsports, Defense and Mobility Industries. The company is helping to define the future of the defense industry by providing complete ground vehicle solutions to revolutionize platform Mobility, Survivability, and Robotics.

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