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Pratt Miller Defense designs, builds and tests ground vehicles that allow our Warfighters to traverse terrain out of enemy sightlines to quickly get out of harm's way. Our unique approach to vehicle mobility is derived from our motorsports heritage and dedication to winning, whether it be on the race track or battlefield. Although race cars and military vehicles have vastly different missions, they share a common need for maximum efficiency, rock-solid reliability, uncompromised durability, and flawless performance under extreme stress, ensuring the driver and occupants come home safely.  

Areas of expertise:

  • Parametric and Multi-Body Simulation
  • Chassis systems engineering
  • Chassis control systems
  • Lightweight systems
  • Power and propulsion


Program Overview: DARPA's Ground X Vehicle-Technologies (GXV-T) program sought to improve the mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness of future combat vehicles.The intent of the GXV-T program is to create disruptive solutions that investigate the art of the possible by breaking the traditional mold while ensuring the operational viability of the next generation of combat vehicles.

Pratt & Miller's Role: Pratt & Miller Defense designed, built, and successfully tested the concept demonstrator vehicle known as METS (Multi-Mode Extreme Travel Suspension) System which combines high and low travel suspensions designed to navigate obstacles as high as 1.5 meters, navigate 95% of the world’s terrain, accomplish 90% of mission profiles with a single platform, and operate at speeds that greatly exceed any other vehicle while maintaining maximum driver comfort.


Program Overview: Purpose-built for Northrop Grumman, Hellhound boasts top-of-class off-road mobility, transportability, and crew capacity. The vehicle has a six-person capacity ideal for carrying scout squads into highly restrictive terrain to obtain intelligence. 

Hellhound is fit with a best-in-class 120kW Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), capable of exporting 100 kW of electricity on top of providing ample power for vehicle hotel loads. The system can also support high-density energy storage for silent watch missions, or even directed energy weapons.

Pratt & Miller's Role: Pratt & Miller lead the design, build, integration, and testing of Hellhound on behalf of Northrop Grumman.


Pratt & Miller's Role: Purpose built for Orbital ATK, Pratt & Miller custom built a Vehicle Integration Kit for the LC79 which features a self-contained universal weapons mounting solution and upgraded suspension package for added mobility and stability. The kit also includes a refined interior weapons operation/control kit and an independent 24v power system with import/export capability. A 30mm cannon and remote weapon station are the focal points of this effort.

Pratt & Miller is credited with concept development, design, manufacturing, weapon system integration, full live-fire trails, vehicle dynamics validation, and low volume production. 


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