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Core Capabilities

We leverage technology, innovation - and winning expertise in motorsports - to transform industries.

At Pratt Miller, we.seamlessly fuse racing speed and agility with engineering know-how to make things happen. We are a company that embraces rapid change and evolution, continually shifting gears to transform problems into solutions and ideas into reality.

Engineering & Design

Using the latest Computer Aided Engineering technologies, Pratt Miller's highly skilled engineers work alongside our machinists, fabricators, and technicians throughout the entire development process, ensuring the highest quality product is delivered. By front-loading the product development process with advanced engineering, our team is able to compress project timelines and improve vehicle and system performance prior to building hardware. 

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Prototype Build

Pratt Miller was founded in the ultra-specialized prototype world of sportscar racing, building one-off, state of the art race cars. Since then the team has grown in size, capability and portfolio, however Prototype Build and the level of precision that goes along with it, is still very much at the core of what Pratt Miller does. From machining highly complex components to full vehicle builds, Pratt Miller can take your vision to reality. 

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Low Rate Production

Pratt Miller provides customers with the complete Product Development experience. For products ranging from components to software to full vehicle systems, we can help transition a concept or prototype into a production product. Our team engages with a sense of partnership, resulting in long lasting relationships that make our customers successful.

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