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Engineering & Design

Using the latest Computer Aided Engineering technologies, Pratt Miller's highly skilled engineers work alongside our machinists, fabricators, and technicians throughout the entire development process, ensuring the highest quality product is delivered. By front-loading the product development process with advanced engineering, our team is able to compress project timelines and improve vehicle and system performance prior to building hardware. 

System Simulation

System Simulation

Pratt Miller’s approach to system simulation is revolutionizing the way the world moves through modeling, analyzing, and optimizing all aspects of vehicles, from subsystems to full vehicle dynamics. Utilizing the latest standards in simulation technology, including our in-house proprietary software tools, our team enables virtual testing to efficiently analyze and predict vehicle dynamics.

  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Structural Analysis and Simulation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Hydraulic Simulation
  • Control Simulation
Design Engineering

Design Engineering

With a passion for design and the motivation of customer satisfaction, Pratt Miller's talented design team uses the latest technologies to develop highly refined components and complete vehicles in very short cycle-times. Our design engineers initialize each project and offer support throughout every stage of product development.

  • Industrial Design
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Design for Manufacturing
Electronics & Controls Engineering

Electronics & Controls Engineering

Through the latest technologies and process strategies, our electronics and controls engineering team provides comprehensive system architecture definition, component design, software development, and vehicle build and integration expertise.

  • Controls and Software Development
  • Electronic System Design
  • EV/HEV Engineering


Using years of applied experience and a proprietary software code, Pratt Miller uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to generate new ideas and improve existing ideas, understand flow structures, and develop theories of aerodynamic systems. With access to a full-scale wind tunnel, our Team is able to extract substantial performance in final tuning and reference mapping data

  • Drag Reduction for Fuel Economy
  • Downforce Management for Performance
  • Airflow through Radiator, Coolers, Brake Ducts
  • Engine Bay Temperature Management
  • Underbody Airflow
  • Interior Heating and Cooling Performance
Tire Engineering

Tire Engineering

Our dedicated tire testing and modeling group have developed and refined a process to test and generate tire models that improve advanced analytical and simulation activities.

  • Complete program for tire test planning, execution and model generation
  • Custom software development for testing, data visualization, data analysis and model fitting
  • Tire model fitting capability including Magic Formula, Pacejka or 3rd party black box models
  • Custom tire model creation for specific vehicle dynamics applications
  • Library of existing tire data
  • Tire model integration to 3rd party simulation packages such as ADAMS, Carsim, Dymola


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