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Revolutionizing the Future of Mobility

Pratt & Miller has a long and proud history working alongside the worlds leading automotive, commercial truck, powersports and new mobility OEMS. With our existing portfolio and sense of mission, Pratt & Miller is the preferred Research and Innovation partner and niche-production supplier to the most innovative mobility companies in the world.



Pratt & Miller understands the value of robust, reliable systems, and robotics applications are no exception. The Pratt & Miller robotics team consists of highly technical and trained engineers from an array of engineering disciplines and technical specialties. This vertical integration of departments, combined with a multidisciplinary approach, provides our customers with complete solutions that consider all aspects of complex electromechanical systems. 

  • Autonomy Integration
  • Mobility Controls Development
  • Robotic Platform Development
Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics

Pratt & Miller’s dynamic simulation is revolutionizing the way the world moves through modeling, analyzing, and optimizing all aspects of vehicles, from subsystems to full vehicle dynamics.

  • Ride and Handling Development, Evaluation, Optimization and Testing
  • Vehicle, System, and Component Target Setting
  • Multi-Body Simulation for System Design
  • Advanced Tire Modeling, Development and Testing
  • System Analysis and Optimization
  • Track Lap Time Optimization
  • Component Load Generation
  • Detailed System Modeling of Brakes, Clutches, and Power Steering


Pratt & Miller's approach to weight reduction considers and carefully balances vehicle performance, safety and emissions requirements with material selection, system level targets, and load cases resulting in well designed, highly optimized components. 

  • Structural Chassis Components Optimized for Strength and Stiffness
  • High-Temperature Components
  • Advanced Composite Materials and Analysis Tools
  • Advanced Composites Manufacturing


Pratt & Miller architects, designs, and delivers advanced electronics and electrical systems for high-performance platforms and components. Our engineers use simulation, experience, and refined processes to drive the design of fully electric or hybrid powertrains, autonomous systems, and mechatronic subsystems that expand the limits of performance and mobility.

  • Electronic System Design
  • Controls and Software Development
  • EV/HEV Engineering


Using years of applied experience and a proprietary software code, Pratt & Miller's expert team of Aerodynamicists are able to generate new ideas and improve existing ideas, understand flow structures, and develop theories of aerodynamic systems. With access to a full-scale wind tunnel, our team is able to extract substantial performance in final tuning and reference mapping data.

  • Wind Tunnel Modeling Build, Test, and Analysis
  • Drag Reduction for Fuel Economy
  • Downforce Management for Performance
  • Airflow Analysis for Radiator, Coolers, and Brake Ducts
  • Engine Bay Temperature Management
  • Underbody Airflow
  • Interior Heating and Cooling Performance
  • Aerodynamics Lap Time Simulation Tools
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


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