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Full Vehicle Integration, from Concept to Production

Pratt Miller has a long and proud history working alongside the worlds leading automotive, commercial truck, powersports and new mobility OEMS. With our existing portfolio and sense of mission, Pratt Miller is the preferred Research and Innovation partner and niche-production supplier to the most innovative mobility companies in the world.



  • Mobility and By-Wire Controls (Lateral/Longitudinal)
  • Local Path Planning and Waypoint Following
  • Robotic Platform Tele-op Functionality
  • Growing Capability in Perception, SLAM and OD/OA (Object Detection / Object Avoidance)
  • Integration of Partner Autonomy Applique


  • Low and High Voltage System Design and Build 
  • System and Vehicle Design and Build
  • Battery Pack Engineering and Build
  • Traction Motor, Power Electronics and Drivetrain Engineering
  • Vehicle Electrification Integration


  • Vehicle Dynamics Modeling
  • Aerodynamics Development
  • System Analysis and Optimization
  • Vehicle and System Performance Testing
Connected Systems

Connected Systems

  • System Architecture Analysis & Design – Full pipeline path planning
  • Data Collection and Storage – Communication, Local, Edge, Cloud
  • Data Transformation – Denormalize & Standardize
  • Data Decisioning - Machine Learning, AI & Feature Mapping
  • Data Presentation - UX/UI Dashboard and HMI Development


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